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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Summer Job, 2nd edition, vol. VII (In Brief)

I realized it's been SEVERAL days since I updated last.

The kids have arrived. The classes have started. And with that, chaos has ensued.

Things I've done in the last few days:
Sent 681 students off to their courses three times Monday and three times Tuesday;
Safety checked six classes around campus
Led a class I did not plan for an instructor that was not here;
Sweat through two tshirts in the horrible humidity;
Sat in a hammock for three hours on my first night off;
Spent four hours on duty in the curriculum office, where I cleaned rooms, tore tape off signs, had a spontaneous dance party, and listened to Pandora;
Had three hours of professional development and then the afternoon off, wherein I ran to Walgreens, did my laundry, watched the Bachelorette, and took a nap.

Now, off to birthday do-over.

This time, I'm armed with proper hydration.

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