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Monday, March 23, 2009

because it seems to be going around

I just read the headline, "Wonder Years Star McKellar Weds," and gasped out loud because I misread it, "Wonder Years Star McKellar Dies."

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

planning my life

It's nearly time for Fall 2009 registration, and I'm sitting here, at my desk in RM's office, obsessively trying to plan for a year that will be jam-packed. I have to squeeze 16 more credits out of the school, four of which will be taken up by student teaching my final semester here, four of which I could potentially get by ALSO doing a master's project, which I think I'd LIKE to do but have not focused on yet, and eight I must get with classes that I still need to take, or want to take, or both.

I suppose some may perceive all these great decisions yet to be made as an embarrassment of riches. I just need to make sure that whatever I end up putting on my plate is something I can handle. I think, ideally, I'd like to take two classes next semester (Contemporary Issues in Education and Playwriting for Youth) and perhaps get the ball rolling and even begin a master's project, since I can make time for that during the week next semester, navigating around my assistantship duties. THEN, I'd just have to student teach (ha, I say just--I'm required to complete 300 hours in the semester) and maybe take one more class, if I care to. I could also just student teach and focus on my master's project, which might be the best bet.

Anyone have any suggestions? My brain's going to explode.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Half-Ton Post

I feel like I've been meditating for five days. I actually caught myself NOT THINKING several times while in Chapel Hill.

J is a magnificent and easy-going host. (Love you!) As soon as I was collected from the airport, we ended up at a brunch party on an unusually warm day. I gorged myself on grits and eggs and pancakes and OJ and then promptly took an hour and a half long nap, with the loud birds chirping outside. I kept not knowing where I was, but in the best way ever. That night J cooked and we watched a movie and then passed out. Sunday wasn't much different--there was a big UNC basketball game, so J and I went to the movies instead and then ate leftover hot dogs and coleslaw.

Monday, I joined him at work and actually got some stuff done myself, then explored Franklin Street in search of food and read outside for a while. Then we spent the evening eating Swedish meatballs and salad and playing Celebrity with some colleagues of his. Yesterday, I veritably did the same thing. I got fed great food, watched a couple great movies and a really bad one, slept a lot, had some good laughs, sang some. It was a rejuvenating break, even though my flight today was cancelled and I got rebooked on a much later one. (Come to think of it, I think I paid a fee when buying my tickets that protected me if anything changed in my itinerary, so I was automatically rebooked with no hassle. I highly recommend paying that fee!)

I survived both flights fine, even though I wasn't sure how'd they'd go, in light of my recent peaked anxieties. And when I got off the plane tonight, on the mucky ground and smelled the Boston air again, I couldn't help but think how nice it was to be home.

Monday, March 9, 2009

spring break`

Sometimes I'm on spring break in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, and it's probably 80 degrees out. And I'm spending the day inside the offices of Playmakers Repertory Company doing homework and chatting online.