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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Summer Job, 2nd edition, vol. I (the Night Before)

Here we go again!

I leave my house tomorrow for 7 1/2 weeks. First, to celebrate the 7th Annual Birthday Extravaganza and then off to Summer Job, 2nd edition.

I have two gigantic suitcases that I know will feel like the bane of my existence tomorrow afternoon. Maybe this time I'll ask for help BEFORE getting on the train, unlike last year, when I found myself struggling into a dining car and then had to turn around and NOBODY HELPED ME.

I'll try to sleep a lot tonight, wake up, finish packing, clean my room, and then I'm off.

I can't remember how apprehensive I felt last year, but I'm experiencing a slight sense of dread right now.

I recently read through my posts from last year and thought, GOD, I WAS EXHAUSTED! WHY AM I DOING THIS AGAIN?

The truth is, I still don't quite know what to expect because I'll have a different job than I did last year, and I'm just as nervous as I was last year about feeling old and disconnected...

Frankly, I think it will be hard to be away from my house and my routine for so long.

And, then, I'll come back to REALLY being unemployed.

So, in some ways, this is my last night of vacation.


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