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Monday, September 28, 2015

Overheard at Work, vol. CXXIV (the Final Volume)

On Thursday, September 24, I left my work after almost five years. This is the final installment of quotes from that amazing place--a place where a part of me will always live. I can't wait to see what my colleagues and all those wonderful kids do next.

Colleague A: Yo, you ever just loved salad?

8 year old boy, to me: I'm gonna try to play guitar now so I can ignore you.

Same 8 year old boy, as I raised my arm to point at him: Ew! Pits!

Me: Is 2003 the year you were born? I'm so old!
12 year old boy: You are old. You're from like 1874.

2nd grade boy, at his first visit: Nice place ya got here!

15 year old boy, talking about my departure: I don't cry but...I get achey.

12 year old boy: When you leave, can I have your wallet?

14 year old girl, to me: Did you guys party? I have the heart of a 21 year old.

12 year old boy: Why are you leaving? You've been here for like 700 years. How much money do you have?

Monday, September 14, 2015

To My Cousin's Daughter, on her Fifth Birthday

Dear E.W.E.,

Today, you’re 5! A hilarious, brilliant, willful five year old.

You just started kindergarten. In the first week, you learned about different jobs and shared things about yourself. You seemed particularly excited about learning about meteorologists and telling us about your cubby where you put your backpack.

You will likely always be the youngest in your class. I think this is the perfect situation for you because that means you will always be challenged by your classmates who are bigger. You’ll be so prideful, you will consistently work hard to stay in pace with the kids around you. But, lord knows, you’ll give them all a run for their money too.

You’re old enough now that we’ve spent some time alone together. The last time I babysat, you were so excited that we would stay up all night together! You also insisted that if you, ultimately, changed your mind and went out with your Mama, that I could stay home and do the dishes.

We shared popcorn and watched The Boxtrolls and you explained every detail, so I wouldn’t be confused. When that movie was over, you asked if I’d ever seen Ghostbusters. So we turned that on and you swiftly fell asleep on my legs.

(We’ll save staying up all night for another time, I guess.)

I wish you all the best this year, that you face new challenges head on, with your sharp mind and your wicked sense of humor, that you make lots of memories with your friends and big family, that you know that I am just one of the people who loves you so much and is here for you always.

Happy birthday!