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Friday, March 26, 2010

Overheard in the Classroom (or Kids These Days), vol. VIII

"You're much funnier than my other teachers."--one of my special ed kids, giving me news that made my day. (And, yes, I'm taking it as a compliment.)

"Wait! I have a sorution."--no, that is not a typo. One of my 8th graders (I believe he's Vietnamese) does the fool-proof joke of totally offensively pronouncing l's as r's. It's honestly one of my favorite gimmicks in real life, so I laugh every time. Inappropriately.

I had my 8th graders come up with production team names. They decided they were going to be called "Oreos on the CEILING" and "I Don't Respect Your Wontons Covered in White Chocolate." I decided not to ask for their reasoning.

"Geez, I'm getting old."--one of my special ed kids, after laboriously pulling herself off the floor. I laughed forever.

"I'm black again."--my favorite student, reentering the room and stating the obvious, with a twist.

"You know, you can turn around and be like 'Bitch!'"--this was me, slipping up in my intro class, as I explained how they could improvise dialogue during their stage combat scenes. Then I turned purple and we all cracked up for like minutes. OOPS!

UPDATE: "I smell like a ball!"--an intro student, after I told her her lotion smelled musky and then, when I looked up the word to define it for her, we realized the origin of it is testicle.

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