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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My Beef with Tuesdays

It is pretty widely known that I hate Tuesdays. And always have.

My feeling is that, on Tuesday, you still have MORE THAN HALF of the week to get through.

Mondays are bad, but everyone knows that. Wednesdays are hump day; Thursdays are great because you have the ENTIRE weekend ahead of you, including Friday night, and OBVIOUSLY, Fridays rule.

Tuesdays. Suck.

All last year, I had the shittiest Tuesday schedule: starting classes at 9 AM and finishing them at 10 PM.

Sometimes I wake up and think, gosh, I'm in a bad mood...OH, it's Tuesday! That's why!

And, today, I woke up feeling like ass, fighting an almost-nasty cold, on my official first day of solo teaching. And, of course, it's Tuesday.

Stupid Tuesday, ruining everything.


Mel said...

Personally, I find Wednesdays hardest. The joys of last weekend are no longer fresh in my mind, but the next weekend is still too far away to think about. It's like there's a two way buffer zone of workday boredom.

Annie said...

Those are excellent points. And, even though my Wednesdays are 16 hours long, I chalk it up to hump day and am grateful when it's over. But I'm rarely in as shitty a mood as I am on most Tuesdays.