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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Minutes Do Add Up

There is one thing of which I am certain.

OK, maybe two.

One is that I'm pretty much always tired these days, but we won't write about that today.

What I'm certain of is that student teaching is FORCING me to take one day at a time.

I wake up, I shuffle into school, I take the hour prep period to wrap my head around the next three hours, and then I plug through.

I have no idea what's going to walk into the room each day; if I'm going to tear my hair out, want to give up, laugh my ass off, want to cry, feel like a failure, make a small connection that will push me to the next day, or one of the other millions of things that can happen in a typical day.

But I do know that I can control my preparation for each class. In 50-minute increments.

And those 50 minutes add up and then the day is over.

And I wake up, shuffle into school, and prepare again.

And in a little over six weeks, I'll be done.

I guess that makes three things of which I'm certain.


Living Shallow, Living Well said...

You'll blink and be done! Keep at it!

Annie said...

thanks! i need all the encouragement and support i can get!

Jessica said...

I am now almost finished with my 3rd year of teaching, and I remember having the same thoughts while I was student teaching. I feel like that was literally only about two days ago. It is CRAZY how quickly time passes. I do the same thing - take that hour to plan the next ones and keep going like that over and over.

Annie said...

thanks for the support, jessica!!