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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

So Over It

(I just realized that's the title of Katherine McPhee's first single, which is appropriate since I'm about to write about American Idol. Ready?)

As most of you know, I DILIGENTLY chronicled AI Seasons Jordin Sparks and David Cook. It made me feel like an Entertainment Weekly columnist, which is secretly my dream job. And my readers demanded MORE!

Then, I started grad school and had classes Tuesday evenings last spring, so missed most of Season Kris Allen. I did, however, write excitedly about the finale. (Man, it is a devoted reader who will look back at all those posts.)

Anyway, AI was remotely on my radar this year because I do still read Entertainment Weekly and I know Ellen has taken over as judge and I sort of heard about Pants on the Ground and such. Still, I didn't even realize it was on tonight until S asked, at 7:56 PM, if I was going to watch. I was home and dinner was almost ready, and the show wouldn't cut into LOST at 9, so I watched.

And was bored and annoyed. The formula is grating on me. Ellen was fun, but I really don't like any other judge. Even Ryan was bothering me. There were a couple singers that gave me chills or made me kind of teary, but I was turned off by everything that wasn't them.

Maybe it's just because it's Tuesday, and everyone knows I hate Tuesdays, but I am not excited about this season at all yet. Plus, I won't be able to watch past 9 PM on Tuesdays because that's when LOST airs, and my loyalties really lie there.

How are you all feeling about the potential for this season, i.e., Simon's last?


Rachiewrites said...

Ellen has surprised me with her nastiness. I'm thinking she's been directed to say cutting things at bad auditions. I don't approve--it's not helpful to the singers, and is done only to keep the prurient viewers' interest.

Annie said...

I haven't even been watching. Maybe next week...maybe not.

Rachiewrites said...

The final 24 include some good ones, I think. But I miss SYTYCD, and Cat!