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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Word of the Day, vol. XV

Word of the Day: HATE: a Post of Vague Complaints (in no particular order)

I’ve felt like whining a lot lately. It doesn’t matter that it’s sort of warming up or that the weather’s been nicer lately or that school is going well. I pulled “hate” out of my word bag and all I could think of was writing a probably-uninteresting list of all the things that bother me.

Bear with.

(NOTE: This is, by no means, an exhaustive list. But I’m sure you figured that.)

1. Lack of etiquette when it comes to taking up space in a public place.
2. Lack of etiquette when it comes to voice volume in a public place.
3. Lack of etiquette when it comes to use of cell phones in a public place.
4. Assholes who don’t let people OFF of public transportation before barreling onto it.
5. Spitting.
6. Slamming doors for no reason when you enter or leave a room.
7. The fact that sometimes I’m the only one in my house who brings in the mail or empties the dishwasher.
8. People (including me) who speak just to hear themselves speak.
9. People who speak without forethought.
10. The use of the word “gay” as a synonym for lame or stupid.
11. Douchey guys getting up in my face at bars.
12. The fact that winter feels really long these days.
13. Not having any money.
13a. Not having any money to buy new clothes, as many books as I want, to travel, to go out to eat every night because I’m too tired to cook, etc..
13b. Not having enough money to live alone.
13c. Not having enough money to keep the heat up in my house, so always being cold in my house.
14. Owing lots of money.
15. Not knowing what the hell I’m doing in August to make money.
16. Not living in the same city as my best friend.
17. No real spring break this year.
17a. February break being nearly over.
18. Feeling out of touch because I’m so consumed with student-teaching.
19. Feeling in transition as school screeches to a halt.
20. Losing my dating momentum.
21. Being on top of everything all the time.
21a. Being scolded, even though I’m on top of everything all the time.
22. Having more ideas for projects than time to do them.
23. Not having a more creative thought for a post than writing all the things that bother me.

OK, I’ll stop with lucky number 23.

I’m such a whiner. Thanks for reading.


Kimberly said...

Girl, this sounds like it could be a "hate list" of my own... Just cleaned up a little because I've got a mouth like a sailor.
Consider this post internet flowers and hugs. :) You got this.


Annie said...

i rarely curse here, but sometimes it's really satisfying to. and also, girl, i've got a mouth like a sailor too. my fingers are more discreet thought.