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Friday, February 12, 2010

Overheard in the Classroom (or Kids These Days), vol. III

"Shitting bricks!"
"You know when you're playing hide and seek and you have to use the bathroom real fast?"--two seniors' answers to the question, "What did it feel like right before you went onstage during the showcase?"

"Isn't that the girl from Princess Diaries?"--a freshman, referring to Julie Andrews.

"I'm suing!"--an 8th grader who had ruined her $60 sweatshirt with paint, while working on a design project. I suggested she take the sweatshirt off, but she's pretty adamant about suing.

"A white person falls in love with a Puerto Rican person, to put it bluntly."--an Intro student's response to the quiz question, "What is the significant plot point that occurs in West Side Story at the dance in the gym?" His answer was copied verbatim by one of his classmates, which was an act made even stupider by the fact that the cheater had been absent the day before and didn't even have to take the quiz.

"ALRIGHT!"--an Intro student's impatient commentary during this song. I couldn't really blame him.

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