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Friday, February 5, 2010

Overheard in the Classroom, vol. II

"Suckish."--one of my 8th graders' responses to "How's it going?" He said it twice in one week.

"Oh! THAT'S your name!"--an 8th grader, during my 5th week with them.

"Taylor Lauter is my HUSBAND!"--a freshman girl who doesn't realize he probably doesn't play on her team.

"He wins for the best poo-colored paint!"--OK, fine. I said this one.

"So, just because I'm not Mrs. D., you're not going to listen to me?"--I said this one too, to my initially most-challenging student. And the kid's been manageable ever since.

"You're...22."--an 8th grader guessing my age when I told him I was old.

"Do you want to hear a really racist joke about Asians?"--also in the 8th grade class. I said no.

"All teachers are under arrest."--one of the seniors, who's a real Negative Nancy. I protested that technically I'm not a teacher, so I was free. He proceeded to give me evidence that I was a teacher: I was sitting in the teacher's chair and I order them around. I figured, he had a point.


Leigh said...

Only 22? Not 70?

Annie said...

nope. 22. then, he said...19? 14? and i said, yes, i am a 14 year ol prodigy.

Chuckee D said...

That kid does have a point. You should be arrested.

Annie said...

YEAH! all teachers do is SIT IN CHAIRS and GIVE ORDERS. GOSH!