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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Overheard in the Classroom (or Kids These Days), vol. IV

Usually, I post quotes from the week on Fridays. This week, however, I'll be seeing a play late into tomorrow night and don't want to have to come home and feel obligated to write. (This is what I do--give myself assignments that then I feel beholden to.)

Also, FYI, I am already in my pajamas. And slightly drunk.


"General Hospital."--one of my Special Ed students' responses to my question about what TV he watched. For some reason, it CRACKED ME UP.

"Dreamgirls?"--an 8th grader's answer to my proposition that I'd give him an extra point on his project if he could name the original singer of "Respect," which he'd been singing all period.

"OK, Mom."--an 8th grader's response to me asking him to do something while calling him by his whole name.

"Now...try to bite your ear."--an intro student, leading a physical warm-up. I kept having to step away to laugh out loud.

"I tell them I don't like to be hasty."--a Special Ed student's very assertive statement, as she explained why she takes her time to leave the room at the end of the day.

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