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Monday, April 26, 2010

Watch this now!

First of all, Bobby McFerrin is 60!!

Does that make anyone else feel really old?

Also, he looks amazing.

I spent a magical night with my best friends on September 11, 2004, when we saw him at the Zellerbach on campus at school. My two friends sang onstage with him with a big group of people, and our minds were blown at how crazy-amazing he is, live or otherwise.

This video blows my mind. Music IS universal!


cjschlottman said...

This video is great! Seems that, with the right inspiration, we all have music in our hearts and souls. What an experience for those who actually got to participate in discovering their musical selves. Cool. Way cool.

Annie said...

Yes. Amazing.

@emllewellyn said...

My mom has sung backup for Bobby McFerrin! He's a really cool guy. Big fan.

Annie said...

@em, he seems like a very cool guy. awesome!