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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Hello, Spring!

The weather has finally, FINALLY turned. It's been a gorgeous, worry-free three-day weekend! Which is probably why I haven't posted.

Also, I have no news.

Spent a lovely day with my cousin on Friday, feasting on McDonalds, playing games in the sun on her porch, and watching marathons of What Not to Wear on TLC.

Yesterday, I stayed in bed late, trekked over to the local park and got some work done in the sunshine. Then, I went out for dinner and drinks with a friend near downtown. Came home and fell asleep watching Bowling for Columbine on hulu.

Spent part of THIS gorgeous day walking through the neighborhood with a couple friends. Strolled home and cleaned out my closets. Then, super yummy summery dinner with my cousin. It felt like the 4th of July!

It's been like a little mini-vacation which is amazing and has refreshed me in preparation for the couple long weeks ahead before my next break.

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