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Monday, April 19, 2010

Snapshots from a Bus Ride, or Don't Forget to Pack the Barfbag!

Waiting to board my bus on Friday evening, after another TRIUMPHANT week of teaching, the bus line employee projected his voice loudly and clearly, warned us that we'd be waiting an indefinite amount of time for our bus to arrive because it was Friday evening, urged us to hoot with enthusiasm when it arrived relatively on time, and scolded two college boys trying to cut the line. Twice.

I thought to myself, this guy should be a teacher, and then, heard him mumble, after speaking to the boys, "This is why I don't teach anymore!" HA!

It's like there are tell-tale signs I notice now.

I am, generally, not much of a people-watcher, but, since I get carsick if I do anything but stare straight out the window and distract myself with music, there's nothing much else to do on a bus but people-watch.

I always develop a crush for the trip.

This time it was the guy sitting several rows in front of me, at the table seat, facing backwards, staring at his laptop and studying what looked like business books, intermittently.

(How do people not only read on buses but SIT BACKWARDS AND READ?! It's like a superpower.)

He was dark-haired and wore a hoodie. Someone called him when we arrived and he spoke impatiently to what I imagined was a nagging girlfriend. He did not seem excited to speak to or see her.

I watched part of Shutter Island over the shoulder of someone sitting in front of me.

It was confusing. Even she couldn't get through the whole thing.

Today, the woman sitting across the aisle from me was watching an old Humphrey Bogart movie, and the dude in front of me was watching an old Gabriel Byrne movie. Neither of which I could name.

(A little internet research reveals the films were The Treasure of Sierra Madre and Miller's Crossing.)

Plus, I almost made myself carsick trying to decipher the blog the guy in front of me was reading. Something about an American man living in Japan. Oh, and something else about Carrie Underwood's speech at the CMAs.

As I got on the bus this morning, three obnoxious twenty-something girls entered the vehicle and set up camp in the back. They were speaking to each other at regular volume, which, on a bus full of strangers at 10 in the morning, is ridiculously loud.

Literally, I heard one of them say to another, "Oh, I'm not saying anything important. Don't worry. If I need you to hear something, I'll shout."

Please. Don't.

I knew they'd all pass out as soon as we started moving, but it was an irritating way to begin the trip.

They totally slept the entire way back.

I always stay wide awake for most of the ride and then, an hour from my destination, desperately need a nap and pass out for a good 20 minutes. It's like it takes me 2 1/2 hours to relax and let the rocking motion of the bus lull me to sleep.

I remember when I used to pass out the MINUTE a vehicle was in motion.

That, or I'd vomit the whole way.


Mel said...

The daily commute. Always bloggable. Not always in a good way..

Annie said...

Oh man, I COULD write every day about my commute. This was actually a longer trip for a weekend away. I should start taking notes on the train of misfits I ride though.

Jordan said...

I always develop a 'crush' as well when stuck in a confined area for any amount of time with strangers. It's fun to pick one person and observe them. Does that make me sound like a creeper?

Annie said...

@jordan, kind of. but it's cool. creepers, unite!