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Monday, April 9, 2007

thought of the day, 10: empty threats will get you everywhere

My roommate and I have been living in 30-40 degree weather all week with no heat in our apartment. It's ridiculous. Not only because it's April 9 and it was snowing yesterday but because...the heat has been turned off because it was warm for about 2 days last month.

I left messages with my landlord on Friday morning and afternoon, and then remembered that it was Good Friday. So we lived in sweats and blankets and down comforters all weekend and tried not to move so no cold air snuck near our vulnerable bodies.

I woke up this morning, shivered to the bathroom, shivered from the shower, and called one more time, this time declaring I was prepared to formally complain if nothing was done. (It's supposed to be cold all week.)

Two hours later, I got a call that the problem should be fixed by 5 PM.



Kendra said...

You should have formally complained on Good Friday. That's all kinds of illegal, I'm sure.

Rachiewrites said...

I agree with Kendra. But glad you got results. Follow through if you're still cold this evening! That big bum!