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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

AI Top Ocho

I had good subway karma today. Got home 10 minutes early.

I’m surprised we lost Gina last week. Especially since I thought her performance was so sweet. But I don’t think people want their rocker girls with a side of sweetness. I think she was ultimately limited by her “image” because it wouldn’t allow her to sing lovely songs like “Smile.” So my official score for the top 12 is 2:4.

We’re all a little confounded by Sanjaya’s success. But the truth is, it’s good TV. And the judges and production of the show are all geared to him. Any press is good press, and when the New York Times is writing about you, you’re not getting kicked off any time soon. I think when people STOP talking about him, he might go away.

Tonight is the Top Ocho’s “Latin Night,” with Jennifer Lopez. And I can’t help but think something horrible is about to go down. How many times do you think Ryan Seacrest will sound utterly white while speaking Spanish? I’ve already counted 2.

Melinda is singing “Sway.” Jennifer saw her “sultry, sexy” side, which we haven’t seen before and Melinda asserts she’s not sexy. I’m rolling my eyes because she’s suddenly striking me as…old and boring. Obviously, a superb singer, (she’ll have a recording contract; it’ll be fantastic) but I want her to knock herself out of her box a little more. She can do it. I’m so glad Simon agrees with me. I love when that happens.

LaKisha is tackling “Conga,” which I think is admirable if only because it’s such a familiar, fast song. She even got a little dance lesson from J.Lo. Very cool. She’s saying “conga” like a true American. HA! I didn’t love it. I don’t think we’ll remember it. But I can’t exactly complain. I find it interesting that Paula called this performance “safe”; that would have been something I’d say about Melinda.

Chris is next with “Smooth,” which is very exciting. He got the band onstage with him!..And they’re upstaging him. The feed was so unbalanced, I could barely hear him over the guitar. But he looked real cute, and I’d call it a solid performance. Nothing to write home about. I’m still waiting for someone to blow me away.

Are we ready for Haley? She’s singing “Turn the Beat Around,” which Jennifer says is all about rhythm. She needed a beat so badly they called Blake in to help in her rehearsal. Hott. Is there a more oversung song on AI than “Turn the Beat Around,” besides perhaps “I Have Nothing”? She got all the words out, but she got tired about it. I think I could have sung this song better than her. Not even to say that it was particularly bad because I’m a fairly average singer. At least I liked her lipstick color.

Phil is singing “Maria, Maria,” and he was distracted by Jennifer Lopez in rehearsal, but then he gave her “goosepimples.” (Side note: I’m disappointed in the contestants’ song choice this week. They’re just so…obvious.) This performance is fine too but not exhilarating. I really just want him to be hotter. After Simon’s critique, I think Phil’s pretty convinced he’s going home. But he did make me laugh really hard when he reacted to Ryan’s apology about having “Simon Cow” in his house.

Jordin is up next with “The Rhythm is Gonna Get You,” and it reminded Jennifer of Michael Jackson. Jordin sings with her eyebrow, and she keeps inexplicably shrugging at the camera. I don’t know if it’s me, the songs, or the theme, but this episode is not moving me. She’s so fresh and sweet and cute, but I was bored.

Blake is singing, “I Need to Know,” by Marc Anthony, but what Jennifer wants is for Blake to “pick that girl up.” It makes me blush. Good for him for showing off his sleeve tats. Bold move, sir. He made the episode. I’m utterly convinced and hot and bothered about it.

See? Sanjaya is singing last. The producers know how to keep him around, and he apparently is learning how to grow a goatee. He’s singing “Besame Mucho,” and Jennifer wants him to take his time and even gives him a demonstration. I totally called that Sanjaya was going to tackle some Spanish. He is certainly working his 15 minutes…or 8 weeks of fame, whatever it’s been. This isn’t horrible. I don’t think he’s the worst of the night, even though I hate to even write that. He concluded his performance with a come-hither look for the camera. This boy knows what he’s doing.

Favorite of the Night: Blake
On the Way Out: Phil


gilsonwalker said...

I love it, I love it, I love it. And this time, I DEFINITELY loved your commentary more than the show. I agree with you about Blake! I would LOVE to see him win this show. Xo, Carly

Rachiewrites said...

I agree with Carly, Annie! Your blog is MUCH better than last night's ho-hum show. I was quite unmoved by just about everyone. It was too late for me to vote by the time I watched, but if I had voted it wouldn't have been for Melinda this week, for a change, but probably for Blake; he is darling.