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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Overheard at Work, vol. XC

These last couple weeks have NEARLY killed me, but I've stayed healthy (knock on wood) and plowed through some gigantic special events and some very long days.

Monday, I work 830-430 and head out to LA that evening.

And then, it will be 2014.


7-year-old, seeing me mop up a spill: Are you a janitor?

Colleague A, showing her cynicism, while offering dating advice: Don't buy him dinner. Because it's inevitably gonna go to crap, you might as well get free food until then.

13-year-old boy, during a game of Taboo: A chick on the side of the road trying to make some money.
Me: Wait, is it a hoe?

16-year-old boy, singing, as he approached my desk: Pippy Longstocking is coming into your town.
Me: Did you really just do that?
Boy: That's my jam!

12-year-old girl: What's sour melon?
Me: What?
Girl: Like when you get sick from eating raw food.

Me, to my colleague, after seeing some middle schoolers do some too-close dancing: Nobody got pregnant?
12-year-old girl: ANNIE!
Me: What?

Colleague B, describing herself as a baby: I was a bowling ball with eyes.

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