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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Overheard at Work, vol. XCI

I haven't posted a traditional Overheard at Work volume since December 21? That is crazy.

I guess considering a combination of snow days, holidays, and two weeks off with my concussion, it's not so shocking.

Or maybe my job just isn't as funny anymore..


Alum, greeting me: Annie Kee? More like Annie G!

Me, hugging a teen: You're sweaty!...And cold.
His teen friend: That's kind of...sexy.

Teenage boy, to his friend: Your MOM is...[noticing me coming up the stairs] I mean...how is your mom doing?
(I praised him for his good save.)

12-year-old girl: I want a Snapchat, so I can be like...[miming taking a picture of herself] Coloring!

I asked my co-workers to help me think of objects and people that the kids could act out in a game of Charades:
Colleague A: Buffalo.
Colleague B: Snowstorm.
Colleague A: Ann-Margret.

I then narrowed it down to get some items of food on the list.
Me: OK, how about something you eat?
Colleague C: Chia seeds!

Not helpful.

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