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Friday, February 14, 2014

Overheard at Work, vol. XCII

Today started with a couple loads of laundry and a little cooking and a REMARKABLY foul mood that didn't sufficiently disappear until my kids were choreographing a dance battle at the very end of the night, and then suddenly it was 10 PM and my workday was done and, with it, the END OF VALENTINE'S DAY!


Made it through unscathed.

Me, to a teen girl: Look at you with your long flowing locks!
Girl: It ain't mine though.

Me, to a 12 year old, in an unnecessary battle of wills: You're a hater.
Boy: I AM a hater. You're a hater because you can't do as much as me.

Colleague, to a group of jumpy elementary school students, waiting for computer time: I'm in charge now. Welcome to the 9th circle. Get in line.

Teen boy, dubbing me with the best nickname I've ever received: Trivia Diva.

9-year-old, guessing the answer to a Hangman clue (_IDDLES) that would reveal the game for the day: FIDDLES!
He also drew a pretty accurate portrait of Steve Harvey in our Pictionary game.

12-year-old girl: I really want a Shake Weight.

Just. No.

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