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Friday, February 24, 2012

Overheard at Work, vol. XXXVII

I survived the infamous February vacation week. When the kids are on vacation, we are open all day, which means kids are in the building from the minute I arrive until the minute I leave. It's an entirely different experience from our normal schedule and it means that very little work gets done. It also means that silly things like scavenger hunts and Charades and Mad Libs activities can take place...so it's really a trade-off.

I mean, I won a game of musical chairs this week!

"Everybody always expects me to a have a white boyfriend."--an 11-year-old (white) girl, a propos of nothing.

"I like that Annie the best. She's the most fun."--a 9-year-old, pointing at me to end the discussion of which film version of Annie was the best.

"Let me pick one because you're going to end up giving them Sasquatch or something."--a peer leader, taking the game of Who Am I? into his own hands, so I wouldn't stump the little kids.

As I discussed lipgloss with some 9 year olds and one of my male co-workers,
Me: He's not a girl.
9-year-old girl: Yeah, he's a man...person.

Later in the discussion, she asked if we could play "Capture the Flab."