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Friday, February 10, 2012

Overheard at Work, vol. XXXV

This was a super fast, productive week. I survived a minor cold and the first dentist appointment I've had in *mumble mumble* years. I thought it was Thursday most of Wednesday and woke up today and thought it was already Saturday. Needless to say, SUPER GLAD IT'S FRIDAY!!

"Annie, what is your favorite thing? Would you say it's scissors, or a water bottle, or a trash can?"--a 10 year old, doing her homework, which I can only assume had something to do with every day items...?

Part of my job involves wandering the halls in the afternoon, ensuring that kids are coming or going to a program area and not just lingering. This means that I'm often asking kids why they're where they are at a certain moment and I often here terrible excuses. This was not one of those times:
Me: Why are you up here?
Tiny 7 year old girl: I needed some water.
Me: There are water fountains in the gamesroom!
Tiny 7 year old girl: They are too tall for me!

My colleague and I are running a program for middle school girls and spent a few weeks concentrating on the issue of bullying. Last week, the girls worked on putting a puzzle together and we dovetailed the success of that activity into a discussion about how bullying and solving bullying are easier in groups. We started the discussion by asking "What activities are easier with more than one person?"
12 year old: Having a conversation.
(So true.)

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