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Friday, January 21, 2011

Overheard at Work, vol. III

Another weird week because Boston is having the shittiest weather ever.

The kids had a snow day today, plus we had Monday off. Still, I'm getting paid to watch The Wizard of Oz synched up with Dark Side of the Moon, so I can't complain.

"Brown on brown."--my colleague's mildly inappropriate response to people's compliments on his lovely brown shirt. Yes, he is dark-skinned Haitian Creole (is there a more PC way of saying that?)

"OK, which is better? Cranberry + raisin = Craisin OR raisin + cranberry = RANBERRY!??!"--a kid, musing on the daily snack.

Kid: Is there DESIGN SQUAD today?!
Me: Design Squad?
Kid: Yeah!
Me: You mean, Drama Club?
Kid: Whatever. Yeah.

"I am so in love with...Emilio Estevez!"--a tween, on her recent crush. The art teacher and I were very surprised. Turns out, her mom has introduced her to the movie The Outsiders.

"Food fight!!!!"--lateral lisp kid, after dropping a huge box of erasers, and sending them flying.

Me: Can you take those cups to the sink and pour the water out?
Kid (the one who is obsessed with ribs): Don't be lazy!
(He also calls the art teacher "hobo." I find it rude.)

"When I'm home, I'm bored. I just watch TV and my eyes burn."--a young lady, basically commenting on why we all do our jobs.

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