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Friday, January 14, 2011

Overheard at Work, vol. II

Week 2 is IN THE BAG!

This was a weird week because Boston Public Schools were closed for TWO days--we had a huge storm on Wednesday--and so we had our own snow day and then were open all day on Thursday, with no structured time.

I ran a few theatre demos to get the kids interested/inquiring/excited about the developing theatre program. Tuesday, I had nine kids show up. Today, just one. But that's OK. It's only the second week.

Kid (with a lateral lisp): I hate haircuts.
Me: Why?
Kid: Maybe your mom accidentally shaved your head.

"That's his Go Phone. It's the kind of phone where you can only call 911 and your mom."--one of the music students making fun of the music teacher's non-Smart Phone.

This was the same day that the music students were working on some theory and the music teacher was demanding that they do it "in time." When I said it sounded pretty good to me, the kids said "She says it's in time, and she's your boss" to the music teacher.

I walked in the art room and saw that one of the girls had bogarted the glitter and was making "grog." The concoction was a clear brown color, with clumps of glitter floating at the top. I asked her what was in her grog, and without hesitation, she rattled off, "Glitter, barf, poison, spaghetti." I almost peed my pants laughing.

"That's gonna cause a lot of injury. Especially among myself."--one of my bosses, hurling herself over the new hurtles bought for the fitness program.

Kid: They got Turbo Yahtzee?! (examining the game on my desk) How you gonna make Yahtzee more turbo? That looks mad gangsta!...I got the original.
Me: With the little cup?
Kid: Yeah, I didn't know what to do with it. So I use it to put my cologne in.

"It's The Wiz, made illustrated by Michael Jackson."--a girl explaining the play she was in at school.

"Can you turn the lights off now? My molecules hurt!"--a girl playing Rock Band. We figured out she meant "pupils."

The odd kid singing, "Jingle ribs, jingle ribs. Jingle all the ribs!" He also called me "Boss Lady" last week.

(Can you tell I love my job?)

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