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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

It Made Sense at the Time

I'm a light sleeper.

If I don't have a fan or sound soother on, I usually sleep with ear plugs in. I use the large soft silicone ones that people use for swimming.

They sometimes make my ears itchy and sweaty, but they block out ambient noise (like roommates caterwauling in the kitchen or the sounds of shoveling outside my window or traffic on the corner).

When I wasn't working, I fell into the habit of making myself go to sleep finally by 2 AM.

Sometimes, I wasn't tired then but told myself that 2 AM is super late and that it was civilized of me to go to sleep then.

I'd usually sleep to about 9 AM, wake up because I felt like I had to, and be tired all day, until late at night again.

Now that I'm on a regular work/sleep schedule, I wake up around 8:30 every day and go to sleep between 10:30 and midnight every night.

This has reactivated my dream life, like WHOA.

I am having SUPER weird, vivid dreams and they seem to last all night long.

Last night, I had a very clear dream about eating rice pilaf.

You know how rice pilaf kind of sticks to the pan and clumps up?

I woke up, scratching my ear, with my ear plug in my mouth, convinced it was food.

Once I was slightly more awake, the whole thing cracked me up, until I stuffed the plug back in my ear and totally passed out again.

According to online dream dictionaries, dreaming about rice is supposed to indicate prosperity.

Nothing on rice pilaf, specifically.

Prosperity and pine nuts?

Probably, I was just hungry.


J. Orbom said...

Chewing on your ear plug! Such a crack up.
Dude, that sounds like a great dream. I switched sleeping directions (head now at former foot) and I've had crazy, wake up in a sweat, dreams. Last night I dreamt of a snake that wouldn't die. A google search reveals that I have an enemy who's trying to hurt me. I'm probably friends with him/her on Facebook, you think?

Annie said...

that is amazing. maybe you should switch back. your feng shui is all jacked up.

Heather said...

I just found your blog because I woke up with my ear plugs in my mouth and had to google it to see if it ever happened to anyone else. Lol. I'm nervous to put them back in now.

Annie said...

HEATHER! that is kind of amazing. i hope you came for the ear plugs and will stay for the wry commentary on life. :)