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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Summer Job, 2nd edition, vol. XII (Home)

Cab drivers in New Haven are crazy.

I got scolded by mine this morning for giving him a non-existent address where he could pick me up. But I don't live there, so I had no idea what address I was at. Then, he proceeded to tell me long, obnoxious tales about his gifted engineer son, which, for some reason, I didn't believe, and I was very glad that the ride to the train station was only a few minutes.

Heading back to Boston was nice, especially since I slept a good chunk of the way.

I'd been experiencing a long-forgotten sensation these last few days, in anticipation of coming back here for the weekend. On the periphery of my consciousness, this feeling that I would be going HOME this weekend, not just back to Boston, was sneaking in.

This is not a feeling I take for granted or lightly.

This is big.

And a welcome and comforting surprise.

Basically, the reason I'm here this weekend is because I got a second interview for a Teaching Artist position, and, so, that was the first thing I did when I got off the train.

It's pretty amazing to feel both confident and experienced in a job interview.

The work I'm doing this summer is absolutely building my confidence in my job and myself. I'm excited to see how employment opportunities fall for me in the days and weeks after this summer gig is over.

I treated myself to a fast food lunch downtown and then headed to my apartment for a moment, which felt REALLY good. Just lying on my own bed, thinking and resting. The silence was actually kind of deafening. It felt like the first time I've REALLY been alone in weeks.

Now, my cousin and I are vegging for the day and night. I'll see my girls tomorrow, get a much-needed pedicure, and head back to CT with, what I hope is, the energy and enthusiasm to push me through the last two weeks of this crazy, amazing job experience.

I'm pleased to feel as excited about the next two weeks as I am.


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This was a great post! So happy for you!!!

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