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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Summer Job, 2nd edition, vol. XIII (Workin')

Sorry it's been so long since I posted. The weeks pass so quickly here and, mostly, I've just been working.

Second week of second session is probably the quietest week of the summer here. We've already been through the second week once and everyone is on top of their stuff.

I had a couple mini-dramas, but they aren't worth mentioning because now they've passed. Yesterday, I went on my final day trip, to see In the Heights with about 75 very tame students. The trip passed without any fanfare whatsoever, beyond two students being discovered out of bounds by a staff member who had the day off and just happened to be in Times Square. (Sucks for them.)

What's weirding me out is that in a week, I'll be home. Scrubbing the eye crusties out of my eyes and probably nursing a hangover, the morning after the final party, which is sure to be insane.

I'll be sitting on my huge suitcases so they can be zipped up and struggling with them all the way back to Boston.

This week will bring me my final feedback meetings, lots of close-out activities and evaluations, packing up the offices, and producing the final projects.

I know it's going to go VERY fast and then, somehow, I'll be back in my own bed, killing time on the internet, trying to find a job and a roommate, and, hopefully, not totally freaking out at the fact that I am officially unemployed...

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