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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Summer Job, 2nd edition, vol. X (First Session Ends)

In ten minutes, I will be taking a shower that will wipe the dirt and sweat of two intensely difficult days of work off of me.

Or maybe it's three.

I can't keep track here.

It's funny. I was SO burnt out and exhausted at this point last year. I couldn't imagine that we were only halfway done and that I had to do this all again.

This year, it all seems manageable and I'm having a great (although not entirely easy) time.

And I've been sick twice.

It's like my body is telling me, "Nah, we got this. You can do this job, even with a cold!"

And then, I do.

As the session ended, the curriculum work intensified. We had final showcases to plan and pull off, including the drama showcase that I was a part of as a teacher last year.

I can't decide if it was easier or harder to be in the booth, running tech, this time.

But it went off without too many hitches, and then, because I love my job so much, I agreed to help shuttle kids to and from the LARGE showcase that culminates the whole session, even though I was off duty.

After running around for about 6 hours, I regretted this decision swiftly.

And then, we shuttled the kids to the big concert hall, and I heard the first roars of excitement as the Rock Performance class started to perform "Under Pressure/Ice Ice Baby," and remembered why I'd volunteered in the first place.

This place can be really magical.

Today was spent holed up doing data entry, as we entered every single student's evaluations of the courses we've been mentoring.

Then, the whole staff cleaned up the campus and got a break to eat pizza and nap.

Tonight, I'm going out with my office mates, and then I don't know what.

Working again at 9 AM tomorrow, since a whole new crop of kids will be arriving.

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