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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Summer Job, 2nd edition, vol. XI (A Weekend Off)

The first week has gone fairly smoothly.

Personally, I've been in a really good mood for a few days standing, which is lovely.

These are the things I love about this job, these days:
Flash mob dances at 4:15 in the afternoon,
Observing classes I saw last session and noticing all the improvements,
Planning for Karaoke Wednesdays,
Productive meetings with my lovely directors,
Cheering for students who get dessert, for no reason besides the pure silliness of it,
Leaving the dining hall with cups of Lucky Charms for dessert,
The flexibility of my weekly schedule that allows me to sleep till 10 during the middle of the week,
Sangria with co-workers,
One of my instructors saying she couldn't imagine life here without me,
The hammocks in the courtyard of my dorm,
Nights on duty that involve nothing more than prowling Facebook and talking about The Bachelorette,
Hot guys on staff,
Nice guys on staff,
Hot, nice guys on staff,
Appointing myself as Deputy of High-Fives,
Feeling confident about the job I'm doing here,
Feeling good about myself here,
Accruing days off so I can be in Boston this weekend, during which I will have a job interview for a great teaching artist position.

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