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Monday, July 13, 2009

Summer Job, vol. XVII: the Slightly Magical edition

The beginning of our third week (the last week of first session) was looooooong. This is virtually the first time I'm getting online and it's tomorrow. :)

There are moments during any summer, I think, that you realize will prove to be unforgettable. A song or sunset, a conversation or joke. These moments that make you feel a physical shift, a chord being struck within yourself.

I can tell that this summer will be full of them.

A brief list of the magical moments I've already experienced:
Acoustic music magic at the staff talent show
Learning the Jai Ho dance from two students at gate duty
Playing improv games at activity hour and gathering a crowd
Dancing to a drum circle for nearly an hour
Singing acoustic versions of 90's and Disney songs while letting kids back on to campus
Demanding both staff and students to spontaneously play "Vegetable-Off," in which two people stand back to back, take three steps forward (away from each other) and then make the body shape and sound of the vegetable that someone else has called out
And this list doesn't even include the realizations I've had in the classroom and my own dorm!

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