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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Summer Job, vol. XVI: the Sunday Morning in Bed edition

I'm starting to miss my apartment. My bed. Wrapping my head around the fact that this session is nearly over, which makes it seem like the entire summer is close to ending too. I saw a video of friends from home and was shocked to remember that life is going on without me there. I still have culture shock every couple days here; I can't imagine what readjusting to real life is going to be like.

Yesterday, a few of us manned a very chill trip to Providence. We scooted the kids through part of Brown University, let them run around Thayer Street, shuffled them through the RISD Museum and were home in time for dinner. The other RA's and I, spent most of the afternoon napping, either on the bus ride or in the grass at Brown. I can't really complain.

My list of things to do today, my last full day off in two weeks:
Devise a runthrough schedule for my last week of class
Write a "good directing practices" worksheet for class
Review my lesson plans and perhaps amend them for next session
Request materials for dorm time
Submit a reimbursement form
Concoct a chart by which my students will be able to map their progress in their last week of class
Make copies for the first few days of next session

I plan on parking it somewhere cool and quiet and pounding this work out, being silent most of the day, and alone, which feels like a rare luxury these days.


Rachiewrites said...

This is so great to read, Annie. Thanks for making time to write about it. Now, when time permits, you must blog shop talk about your classes and your teaching life. Love you oh so much.

Anonymous said...

Now I can see what you are doing and thinking about. I don't even remember you telling me you had a blog since the one you had in NYC. You are working awful hard. Summer's not over.

Anonymous said...

Oh, this IS the one you started in NYC. Reading about your daily million things to do makes me tired! Which is my RIGHT at this age.