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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Summer Job, vol. XII: the Day Off edition

I am freshly showered, feet up, breezy window open after another long day. Tonight even felt a little bit like a night off because the evening event was a dance in the quad, and I spent part of my rounds jamming on the dance floor with other RA's.

I have lofty goals of exploring the local bookstores and getting some work done on my lessons tomorrow, my first day off in two weeks. But the priority is sleeping. I miss it so.

Tomorrow night, a bunch of us are going to an amusement park and lake to chill out and picnic and watch the fireworks. Then, Sunday, I've been assigned to accompany the students on a trip to see South Pacific in NYC! So exciting.

....Zzzzzzz......Where are blackout curtains when you need them?

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