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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Best. Vacation. Ever.

Perfect timing. I got a mean sore throat Monday evening, once we'd returned to NYC from the Jersey Shore and realized on the train ride home to Boston that it was a pretty full-fledged cold. Considering S was nursing what had to be a combination of allergies and a cold all weekend and the fact that I've traveled 15 of the last 27 days, it's about time that I get sick too, dontcha think?

Despite all that, S and I had a fantastic weekend.

We met up at Port Authority Friday afternoon and it took about three hours to get through the rush hour, holiday traffic to arrive at our destination. We were staying at the Resorts Hotel and Casino right on the Boardwalk. It was a much-needed upgrade from the Super 8 we stayed at the last time we visited AC. (Although, whenever we passed the motel, we sighed with nostalgia.) Our room was adorable...and randomly huge. With what S was convinced was a blood stain under the mirror. (I attest it was too bright a red to be blood and must have been nail polish or makeup.) Still, she kept her shoes on in the room at all times. And didn't let me touch her if I didn't.

After dropping our bags off, we went downstairs to grab some food at Gallagher's Burger Bar in the hotel, where S had a respectable burger and fries, and I had a tasty grilled chicken sandwich and fries, and we both had beers. Then we got gussied up and ready to paint the town. Wandered around our hotel for 1/2 hour looking for a place to drink and came up with nothing. It was the strangest thing. The club in our hotel was lauded as a great place to go, but we seemed overdressed and like the youngest patrons there by 30 years, so we passed. We decided, instead, to head to the Taj Mahal, which has a great club that we'd been to before, but stopped first at the Ego Lounge, where a cover band played early 90's songs and seemed to resent every minute of it. The crowd was a strange combination of old people and young black men, all seemingly having a great time. We had two glasses of terrible wine and got hit on by strange men, one of whom sat down and promptly put eye drops in his eyes and another who was mortally offended that I had never heard of the college he went to. Boys are weird.

We headed to the Casbah, where the infamous drinking-beer-from-my-high-heel incident had happened in 07. Drank, danced, met some lovely guys, passed out at 4 AM.

Saturday, we slept late and searched our hotel for breakfast, after we found out the Buffet closed at 11:15 AM. Breadsticks Cafe and Grill fed us a great breakfast. Strolled along the Boardwalk to the Tropicana Casino, where in the same instance that I won $5, S won $42! We bought saltwater taffy on our long stroll home and then spent the afternoon in the lovely pool at our hotel. It was the perfect temperature, even though the water tasted like ass and there were lots of kids in it.

That night, we had reservations at Buddakan, where we had another fantastic meal: chicken and ginger dumplings, thai chicken salad, beef lo mein, black cod with chili eggplant, and Ohyama sake. Spent that evening realizing how old we are, in that we couldn't muster up the energy to go dancing that night, and drank at a couple bars in the Tropicana: rum and cokes at RiRa and wine at Tango's.

Sunday, we woke up in time to enjoy the Resorts Buffet, then checked out the carnival on the Boardwalk, and I contemplated riding one of those things that straps you in a chair then flings you into the air and lets you bounce around for a while. We spent too much money at the AC Outlets. I decided I needed a cardigan, so I ended up buying three--gray, green, and coral. Plus two tank tops, a pair of jeans, a green scarf, and a pair of turquoise earrings. Stopped at Nathan's for hotdogs for lunch.

We had tickets to see Joel McHale Sunday evening. And headed to the Borgata for dinner before the show, where we ate an INCREDIBLE Antipasto Salad, ravioli, and spicy chicken pizza and drank Proseccor at Wolfgang Puck's American Grille. Then promptly laughed so hard we thought we were going to pee and/or vomit at the comedy show. Chris Porter was the opening act, and he was also wildly hilarious. It was a great evening.

Monday, we wandered out of our hotel to get our 11 AM bus back to the city, grabbing bagels on the way and napped the way home. Finally saw The Wrestler, when we watched it On-Demand, and then headed out to a local sushi place for our last meal together. Went to sleep real early that night.

I think we need to make trips to Atlantic City an every-other-year event. It's just too fun. And wrong. And cheesy. And hilarious.

It was also really surprisingly nice to be back in Brooklyn. Enough time has passed now, so I feel like a visitor there and not like someone who just used to live there and doesn't anymore. That apartment is no longer mine (I didn't even remember how to work the remote!), but it's so familiar, as is the neighborhood, and it was the first time I've ever had a twinge of, I don't want to go back to Boston. I just need to remember that my life is elsewhere too.

And now for your favorite part of every travelogue (and mine): the quotes section. You have to guess who said what:
"You are a ship."
"You are...shhhhh."
"Can I sit on your bed?!"
"He's not looking at you!"/"But his penis is!"
"You're a million stars!"
"I wish I was at work!"
"Ooh! I found some bacon in my skirt!"
"You better watch your mouth! It's going to be nationally blown!"
"I'm only holding on with my fingers!"
"I don't like that this is so hard...Oh. It's actually pretty good. Sort of."/"All of it. She said all of it."/"I did."
"I have water all over my skirt."
"Zabba zabba zooing."
"Whoa. I'm really dizzy."/"That's OK! I'm dizzy like that all the time!"
"You smell like funscreen!"

Special guest quotes section:
"May God take a liking to you and bless you on the slots and tables."--Andree, our Greyhound driver
"You ladies have a lucky day, a safe trip, and a joyous Memorial Day weekend."--Ede, our waiter at Breadsticks Cafe and Grill

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