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Monday, June 18, 2007

Highlights from Atlantic City

1. Hot waiter and fancy drinks at Hard Rock Cafe in black and white shirts and festive earrings.
2. Dancing to the greatest songs of all time at Casbah in Taj Mahal. Spontaneous soap bubbles falling from the ceiling at said club.
3. Getting beer drunk out of my high heeled shoe.
4. Getting followed home by aggressive A.C. locals (this happened all weekend).
5. The massage-y sandiness on the beach after dancing for 4 hours the previous night in uncomfortable shoes. Plus frisbee.
6. Walking forever on the boardwalk, salt water taffy, Pier at Caesar's shopping.
7. Getting pooped on by a seagull.
8. Fancy dinner at Continental in Caesar's, complete with the greatest champagne drink and bass I've had in a long time.
9. Being too sleepy to party hard the 2nd night but spending too much money on taxis anyway.
10. Meeting an older couple at lunch our last day there. (They had met when they were 9 years old, were together till they were 16, had a fight, broke up for 17 years, and have been together now for 33. We named them Jack and Iris. She had just won $5000 in a raffle at Donald Trump's 60th birthday party at the Taj Mahal; she also said Carmen Electra wasn't all that pretty up close and that Donald was a creep.)
10. Making $4 profit on slots all weekend! (YES!)

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Ilana said...

Number 7 and the 17 year hiatus are officially my favorites.