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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

AI Top 9

So Kristy Lee Cook is still with us, but we lost Chikezie? What the…? And it’s Dolly Parton week, which I predict means Miss Cook is probably safe. I mean, she hasn’t even been in the bottom three recently.

EW’s Power List has the other Cook FAR ahead of the rest of the contestants this week, which I’m sure doesn’t surprise any of us. I agree with EW that no one should sing “I Will Always Love You” or “9 to 5” tonight. But I’m nearly positive that we’ll hear both.

I love Dolly. Admittedly, I don’t know her catalog that well, but she’s just so lovely; she’s makes me a little weepy.

Brooke White is up first with “Jolene,” which is what EW thought she should sing. Dolly likes her honesty, and I like the fiddle. And Brooke. I think she’s solid. I’m still surprised to hear that husky voice come out of that pretty face every week. My mom agrees with Simon, though, that the performance was flat.

OMG. David Cook cut the hair. I love it. Good for David for giving props where they’re due about all the arrangements he’s performed. He’s doing his own arrangement this week of “Little Sparrow,” and Dolly loves his voice. I can’t even write about this; I think he’s so good. He’s showing a fantastic vocal range, and I think it’s another really smart choice.

Ramiele better not sing “I Will Always Love You.” That’s all I gotta say. OK, good. She’s singing “Do I Ever Cross Your Mind,” but she needs to get kicked off anyway. I just don’t think she’s that good. It was a mostly off-pitch performance. The judges are being more forgiving than I’d be.

Jason Castro is up with “Travelin’ Through,” and he’s singing harmony with Dolly Parton! On her own song! I like Jason; he’s just not going to win this competition. Even though he is super cute. I’m glad he showed a little bit of an edgier sound toward the middle of the song too. (I think Simon’s cranky tonight.)

Carly’s next with “Here You Come Again,” and Dolly actually says that hers was the kind of voice the song was written for. I think she sounds like Celine, and I’m not sure that’s a good thing or not. She’s not moving me anymore and hasn’t for a few weeks, even though it was technically well-sung.

David Archuleta’s up with “Smoky Mountain Memories.” He makes both me and Dolly cry. He is CERTAINLY feeling this song tonight. And we’ve heard passion from him so many times before. Loved it.

Kristy Lee is singing “Coat of Many Colors.” I think she must sense her days are numbered; she was downright disappointed by Dolly’s comment that her mother would be proud of her. This is boring. I wonder if she’s getting votes because she’s pretty. Or does that just work for the boys on this show?

Oh Lord. Syesha’s singing “I Will Always Love You.” She gets so many points against her for picking this song. Bleh. It should be retired from the American Idol catalog forever. Good for her though for not just mimicking Whitney. But this girl has sung both “Yesterday” and this one, so she’s on thin ice for me.

Michael Johns is last this week. Dolly Parton was the first person he ever saw in concert in 1986. Precious. He’s singing “It’s All Wrong, But It’s All Right.” I dig that he’s doing a real bluesy song, and I think this really works for him.

Favorite of the Night: David Archuleta
On the Way Out: Ramiele, for singing the earliest of the weakest singers. I’d be fine if Kristy Lee or Syesha were in danger too.

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