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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

AI Top 8

It’s the evening of inspirational songs on Idol, and of course, I am bracing myself for some cheese. I fully intend on crying during tomorrow’s Idol Gives Back event, but I hope tonight isn’t just a cringe-fest. (In fact, how hot would it be if David Cook actually DID sing Mary J. Blige’s “No More Drama” or if Syesha took a risk and busted out with En Vogue’s “Free Your Mind”, like EW.com suggests?) And let’s all hope that David Archuleta doesn’t perform “The Greatest Love of All.”

Oh! They switched up the format this year, so the charity event is its own thing, and Thursday, we’ll get an elimination. I think that’s smart.

Michael Johns is up first with “Dream On” by Aerosmith. Good choice, I think, because it’s not something one might have predicted would be sung tonight. I like this. I think he’s finally hitting his stride. Excellent ending, Michael! Randy doesn’t think it was an appropriate choice, but I disagree. And, hold up, how is American Idol NOT about dreams? He sang first, so who knows if he’s guaranteed a spot in the Top 7?

Syesha doesn’t get to talk about herself; she has to talk about Ramiele. That can’t bode well. She’s singing “I Believe” by Fantasia. Another totally obvious, not thought-out choice. She is just uneducated about music, I think, and that ain’t an Idol. (Remember when last year when LaKisha sang a Carrie Underwood song and then a Fantasia song? That was dumb.) She is tied with Kristy Lee for last place on the Power List poll on EW.com (with 1% each as favorite Idol contestant). This song is pretty, but I’m pissed at her choice. I didn’t even watch the season Fantasia won, and I know she sang it better. I’m not even watching this critique; I’ve youtubed Fantasia’s performance.

Jason Castro is singing “Over the Rainbow” a la Israel Kamakawiwo Ole. Lovely choice; lovely performance. And I liked the shot from upstage of the audience. His schtick is solid, but he’s still not winning the competition.

Kristy Lee Cook’s whole story on this show has become about her being or not being in the bottom three. She’s singing “Anyway” by Martina McBride. So far, I’ve been generally impressed with the less obvious choices the contestants have made to sing. I think she is actually improving. Spoke too soon; I think she gets unfocused or something mid-song because the beginning wasn’t bad at all. That wasn’t horrible. I honestly liked it better than Syesha’s performance because at least she thought through her song choice. She’s really strategizing to stay on this show, and I think she can’t be anything but admired for her gumption.

David Cook is still hot. He’s singing “Innocent” by his favorite band Our Lady Peace. The inevitable fall from grace has occurred. It’s in the wrong key for him or something. Not a good song choice. The choir is working real hard though. David knows it wasn’t his best, but Simon agrees that putting “give back” on his hand was a nice thing to do. Funny.

Carly is singing “The Show Must Go On” by Queen. Her makeup looks pretty tonight. She needs to calm down. Simplify. She’s just WORKING. SO. HARD. every week. She lost her way at the end. This could spell disaster for her. (And I typed that before Simon said it. I swear.)

David Archuleta is still cute. He’s singing “Angels” by Robbie Williams at the piano with a steam machine behind him. Is it just me or was he slightly flat the entire intro? The chorus is strong, as is the ending, but I won’t remember this performance as his best.

Brooke is last and she’s singing “You’ve Got a Friend” by Carole King. An obvious choice that I didn’t even consider. Ha. This is boring and unmoving. Does that make me seem coldhearted?

Favorite of the Night: Honestly, it was Kristy Lee.
On the Way Out: Syesha or Carly, perhaps joined in the bottom three by Michael, just for singing first.


gilsonwalker said...

This was a strange week indeed and I'm SHOCKED that we lost Michael Johns. I can't agree with you to say that Kristy was the best, I might have actually said it was Michael Johns.

Annie said...

He was in the deadly first position though. I forgot about him by the end of the evening. His final performance last night was INCREDIBLE though!