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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

AI Top 6

The thing about Andrew Lloyd Webber night is that it could just be an outright disaster. Who wants to hear Syesha sing “Memory” or “Think of Me”? NOT ME! In fact, I’m putting it on record that she is officially dead to me if she does sing “Memory.” The other thing about Andrew Lloyd Webber night is that it could just end up being an outright disaster for one or two contestants because the skillful, original ones (and we all know who I’m talking about) may have a chance to do something astounding tonight…Also, I predict I won’t recognize all the songs; I think they should do Sondheim night next season; and I think Carly should sing “Tell Me on a Sunday.”

I am excited about the strings on the stage. I wonder if I’ll cry tonight. Oh crap. They’re all going to sing Phantom songs because of that frickin movie. Btw, I adore and appreciate what Webber said about being there to make sure the contestants sound their best.

Uh oh. Syesha is first; she’s out. What the heck is “One Rockin’ Road”? A quick internet search reveals it’s from Starlight Express. How does one manage to be simultaneously “animated” and boring? But at least she didn’t sing “Memory.” She may have brought the house down, but she also sang first.

Jason Castro is up next with “Memory.” Uh oh. I don’t think this bodes well. BUT WAIT! This is precious. And I also don’t hate him for picking the song in the first place. It wasn’t the most dynamic performance I’ve ever seen or heard, but it wasn’t a train wreck, and I appreciate that. (I wrote “train wreck” before Randy said it.) Mom says he didn’t know it well enough to oversing it and that it was sweet. I agree.

Brooke White is singing “You Must Love Me,” from the Evita movie. I love that Webber is explaining the stories of these songs, so they’re all forced to really connect with the lyrics. I think it’s kickass that Brooke is confident enough to ask to start over when she knows she has to. She could make the Top 4 with this performance, I think, even though she’s doing the lip quiver. I completely don’t agree with the judges tonight! I think it’s incredible that she started over because she knew it would have been a complete mess if she hadn’t. I must be hearing something they didn’t. I’m seriously confused.

David Archuleta is singing “Think of Me.” Eh. I’m not sure I can endorse this song as a pop hit, even though he has a beautiful voice. I’m sure millions of pubescent girls will disagree with me, but I found it cloying.

Carly is singing “Jesus Christ Superstar,” on Webber’s suggestion, which is brilliant and what Entertainment Weekly hoped she’d sing. She’s singing sharp the whole song! I’m glad she’s having fun though, I guess. I wonder if she’s guaranteed a spot on next week’s show because she sang a song with the words Jesus and Christ in it.

David Cook is last and he’s singing “Music of the Night,” which is the one Michael Johns was going to have sung. Oh my God, he’s so hot. There are clips of David Cook singing in his high school play on Youtube. He’s a seasoned musical theater nerd. And he’s totally kicking this song’s ass. I can’t stop grinning. That performance could win him the whole competition, even if he did call Webber Lord Andrew.

Favorite of the Night: David Cook
On the Way Out: Syesha or Jason

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I could not wait to read what you wrote. You are BRILLIANT! Love you and your gift!
xxoo, Dawnielle