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Monday, May 21, 2007

thought of the moment, 8: missed connections

He didn't call, and I am shocked at how fast I fold back into myself. Walk down the street, avoid my reflection, suddenly forgetting I felt attractive even a couple days ago. That I'm a woman, even. It happened so fast.

Instead of putting a band-aid on my bruised ego and moving on, I stand looking over the man- and self-hatred cliff, ready to jump off. I seesaw between never wanting to go out again and wondering why the man behind me in the pharmacy doesn't take the fact that we bought exactly the same thing as a sign we should be together forever.


bon said...

this is like a poem.

me too.
the hot bagger at trader joe's and i both dig snap pea crisps- shouldn't that be grounds for at least a date, if not life partnership? it shouldn't REALLY be this hard, should it?

Rachiewrites said...

Blow it off, Annie. He doesn't deserve you.