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Tuesday, May 1, 2007

AI Top 6...again

I don’t know about you all, but I was underwhelmed with last week’s charity extravaganza of sad children and song. Despite that, I did, in fact, cry from about 8:50 to 10 PM. I thought Carrie Underwood and Kelly Clarkson both completely stole the show, considering I don’t remember anyone else’s performances. And I love Kelly, but girl needs to learn how to dress. She looked like Linda Ronstadt: the Fat Years.

I absolutely believed Jordin was going to get kicked off, if only for a moment. I guess they ultimately thought eliminating someone would be…uncharitable. Ha! I slay me.

Tonight is the music of Bon Jovi. I imagine it will be a challenge for the ladies to croak out something palatable. Let’s cross our fingers for everyone but LaKisha. Oops. Did I say that? And don’t forget…TWO must go tomorrow night!

OH MY GOD! Blake’s a brunet! (Is that how that’s spelled?)

Jon Bon Jovi, like Sting, only looks better with age. Phil’s singing first again, this time with “Blaze of Glory.” His rehearsal sounds great! Bon Jovi even got chills. I’m convinced Phil is no longer as vulnerable as he used to be. I think he’s fighting for that Top 4 spot…and I think he just might deserve it. He’s feeling this song, with his squinchy face and throwing his body around. Very impressive. (And Simon’s critique, I’m convinced, will only get Phil more votes.)

I read Jordin knew she was going to sing “Livin’ on a Prayer” right away. She looks awesome with her big diva hair and fake nosering and cute boy musicians onstage with her. She’s obviously more comfortable with the big, belty chorus. The verses were slightly painful. Oh no. This is the first time she looks a little like the amateur she actually is. But at least she can admit that. Hopefully that’s enough to keep her around…I think she must have a big enough fanbase, but I’m worried.

LaKisha refuses to sit in those steel stools, which look ridiculous and uncomfortable, because she wants the camera to get her slim side. She’s singing “This Ain’t a Love Song.” She has no idea who Bon Jovi is beyond having seen them on Oprah. I think she’s been living under a rock for 27 years. Uh oh. Bon Jovi is going to have to eat his words tomorrow. Or maybe not! She certainly picked the right song for herself this week. Girl is back to true form. This is the best she’s sung in weeks. I may have to eat my own words tomorrow night. Simon liked it so much he had to kiss her on the lips. Dirty.

Blake is singing “You Give Love a Bad Name,” and apparently it’s an “adventurous edition.” He’s such a risktaker, and Bon Jovi himself is not convinced. Oh my God. Whatever. If nothing else, all the horny young women in America will vote for him. That’s certainly enough to keep him on another week. He looks like a headliner with this performance. Such. A. Pro. And he makes my ankles sweat.

How do you follow that, Chris? He’s singing “Wanted Dead or Alive,” and Jon had to feed him the lyrics. I really want to like Chris more than I do, but he seems far out of his depth with this song. And he’s just straining to get the notes out. But he certainly left his guts out there for what might be his last performance on this national stage.

Melinda is last, and Jon Bon Jovi offers to teach her how to rock. Hot. She’s singing “Have a Nice Day,” and he tells her to take it to church. More cowbell! I’m proud of her for getting her hands so dirty with such a contemporary song, but this wasn’t her best. The attitude was hot, and I’m sure she’s safe again.

Hey! George Bush endorses American Idol. Does that mean we should stop watching?

Favorite of the Night: Blake
On the Way Out: Chris and LaKisha

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Rachiewrites said...

"And he makes my ankles sweat" had me ROFL! You're so funny . . . and astute. I think LaKisha and Chris are going, too, but I did vote for Chris, just because, dang it, I like the boy!