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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

AI Top 4

We lost two boys last week—Phil and Chris. It struck me right after the posting (or maybe the morning after) that it didn’t even occur to me that two members of the same gender may go, and then it made total sense because, IMHO, LaKisha totally deserved to stay. Anyway, my prediction odds are all off, so I’ve ceased keeping track. I think all bets are off tonight anyway because the top 4 is always unpredictable (see Season 1, when Tamyra left and Season 5 when Chris Daughtry got kicked off).

And who else noticed Jordin crying only when the cameras were on her during Chris’s final performance last week? Sometimes I forget she’s 17 and thus…immature. Or maybe she was faking it because she thought people would buy that she’s really sad. Because people are stupid.

Tonight is BeeGees Night with Barry Gibb. I hope Blake busts out—Entertainment Weekly hopes he’ll try “You Should Be Dancing.” That would be exciting. I also hope we don’t hear a redux of How Deep is Your Love because the boys nailed it during Audition Week. Remember ?

They’re singing twice tonight! YES! Barry wants the four to be a group. I wanted the top 6 to be one too, after Idol Gives Back. I thought their harmonies were so solid! (Has Barry Gibb’s speaking voice always sounded like Sean Connery?)

Melinda is first with “Love You Inside and Out,” which confused Barry because it was a song he sang in falsetto, but I think he was convinced by the end of her rehearsal. I have so many things to say, but I guess the gist of it is…she’s really good. She does sound like Gladys Knight, as Simon has said, and I actually really dug her singing this style of song. I do agree (as I’ve said for weeks) that she needs to up the wow factor somehow. She’s so solid sometimes she borders on boring.

Blake is up next with… “You Should Be Dancing”!!! Good for you, EW. Blake seriously makes me sweaty. Love the echo effect, hate how flat he was. I wonder if the effects were throwing him off. I think he’s got enough of a “whoa! what’s he doing?” factor to be safe, but this wasn’t as makes-you-sit-up-and-listen as last week. I agree with Paula that he seemed to shine the most when he was beatboxing. In general, I think he needs to be sure to stay on the catchy side of fence and not tread on the cheesy side.

LaKisha is singing “Staying Alive,” continuing her run of singing the most well-known songs and proving her lack of musical knowledge once again. Nice with the syncopation, Kiki. Otherwise, I was mildly bored. And she didn’t take Barry’s advice to sing the chorus higher. Big surprise.

Jordin is singing “To Love Somebody,” and her rehearsal made me slightly weepy. Barry was equally impressed. Fewf. I think this was the best song choice of the night so far, and she is back in true form. She’s fighting for a spot in the top 3 after last week’s debacle. Certainly the best performance of the night. Glad they’re all getting two chances tonight.

Melinda’s next song is “How Can You Mend a Broken Heart.” She’s changing the lyrics so she doesn’t sing about losing on the show. I sort of love her for that. Wouldn’t it be SHOCKING if Melinda got kicked off tomorrow? Not that I necessarily think she will. Just that tonight was kind of an underwhelming Melinda night. That is, of course, until her big ending. I take it all back. (Remember folks, I’m live-blogging.)

Blake’s next song is “This is Where I Came In,” which apparently nobody’s ever heard of. We forget that the tone of Blake’s voice is so good. Or he does. His chorus was solid, but it’s hit or miss tonight. I’m not sure he’s safe after those two chances. But he is the only male, and he’s dead sexy, so who knows? Maybe my roommate will vote for him enough times to keep him on until next week.

(I voted for the Songwriting Competition, so you don’t have to…all the choices suck.)

LaKisha’s up again with “Run to Me.” I have thought of absolutely nothing to write about it, so I must be bored. As Randy would say, “It was just aight for me.”

Jordin is last with “Woman in Love,” which was performed by Barbra Streisand. Barry thinks she’s going to be one of our greatest female recording artists. And her dress is beautiful, to boot. She certainly worked to reclaim her footing in the competition, even if her last notes were flatter than a pancake.

Favorite of the Night: Melinda but only because Jordin’s last song wasn’t great.
On the Way Out: I’m hoping Blake’s gender keeps him safe. So LaKisha.

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Rachiewrites said...

I think Blake and LaKisha are vulnerable tonight, and really would not be surprised to either one of them go. I kind of love Blake. He's got an innocence about him, which, put together with his novel style, makes him very appealing. As usual, Annie darling, I thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog; it's my second favorite thing after the show itself.