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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

AI Top 3

I’m so excited to not run up 3 blocks in 10 minutes for too many more weeks. I’m real sweaty. I can’t believe how fast this season’s gone.

Tonight the finalists will sing three times! A judge’s choice, a producers’ choice, and the finalist’s choice. Oh, and we get to see the folks in their hometowns. Pretty exciting.

Jordin’s singing “Wishing on a Star” by Rose Royce first, which Simon chose for her. The beginning of the song was WEAK, but I think she picked it up at the end. I’m guessing she was nervous. It’s that or she just doesn’t know what to do in her head voice. I ended up liking it, but I think/hope she’ll do better for the rest of the night.

Blake is up next with Paula’s choice, “Roxanne” by The Police. BRILLIANT! I can’t even type because I’m frozen. This is the smartest judge’s choice I can remember. He got a little confused during the bridge. I mean, he’s adorable and talented, but he doesn’t really hold a candle to the strength of the women he’s competing with. But I just want him to stick around next week so I can see him grin more. Too cute.

Melinda’s singing Randy’s choice, “I Believe in You and Me.” Wow. That’s bold. I love this song so much. And I love that she’s not trying to do a Whitney impersonation. Melinda is a musician, which I’m not sure she’s getting credit for in this competition. This is the first time, though, that I’ve seen her a bit out of her depth. American Idol producers need to leave Whitney to Whitney. And did the judges hear something I didn’t?

Jordin’s next with “She Works Hard for the Money,” which the producers chose for her. She’s a sass-machine. It’s infectious. Not to mention that she’s probably 6’2” in those heels. C’mon Jordin, give us a Flashdance. This was solid.

Blake’s next song is “This Love,” an excellent choice for him again. This may be his most solid performance since Bon Jovi night. I just want to see him headline a tour by himself. Because I think he could do it.

I love these how-many-performances-can-we-cram-into-one-night? nights. They’re just so exciting and fast-paced!

Melinda’s grandparents are in the audience. That’s special. And her idol is her “mommy.” Does it creep anyone else out when grown people refer to their parents as Mommy and Daddy? “Nutbush City Limits” is her next song. GO TINA! WE LOVE YOU! Er, I mean Melinda. Love. It. I think tonight is the most she’s been pushed out of her snooze-worthy ballads and self-conscious “rocking” and she is delivering. Good for her.

Jordin’s final performance of the night will be a redux of “I (Who Have Nothing).” Her dress is beautiful. Jordin and this song are best friends. She’s just so good. And it looks like she’s spent. How come she sang a song she already sang once? I’m not really complaining, but I’m confused by it.

Blake is singing “When I Get You Alone,” by Robin Thicke. And apparently, he also likes big butts. My roommate is excited. I feel like this is a Blake we’ve never seen before, and it’s telling that he picked this song for himself because it’s indicative of what he’d really be like as a performer. That was his best performance of the season and even the best performance of the night. So commanding, fast, sexy, and fun. I think he’s very smart because unless Melinda sings a really surprising contemporary song, this competition just may have a male in the finale.

And the final performance is Melinda with “I’m a Woman.” Did she just totally flub that second line? But she knows how to make up for it. Magical too that she’s having a moment with her own backup singers. It would be fascinating if she didn’t make it to the finale, but if she doesn’t, she certainly went out with a bang.

Favorite of the Night: Because of his final performance, Blake
On the Way Out: Because of his other performances, Blake. But he’ll be fine.


gilsonwalker said...

It was SUCH a great show last night, and as usual I agree with you completely. I'm really anxious to see who is going to be in the finale. I actually thought Jordin was the weakest last night, but I think she's got a very solid fan base...so we'll see! I CAN'T WAIT!!!!

Rachiewrites said...

It was a very exciting show, and I love how you wrote it up. I really like all three finalists, and think all three of them will have solid careers. I'm sort of partial to Blake and Melinda, however, since Jordin is so young. We'll see tonight!

Anonymous said...

Not an AI fan but I live with one -- so I know the "score". BUT... your blogs about it are HILLARIOUS! I love reading your commentary -- so much FUN!


love you,
D. in LaLaLand