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Thursday, January 25, 2007

We're all losing something

One summer, not too long ago, I was very inspired. And surrounded by inspiring people. We splattered walls with our creativity. And this was my first foray into postmodernism, if I may be so...audacious. I collected snippets of conversations and they ended up making a lot of sense to me.

We’re all losing something
Or that
Mainly I just helped myself
Opening your mouth makes sense sometimes
Who is this antagonist?
In his eyes, she is everything that is good and perfect
We will wait with bated breaths
The crazies who invented love
Hidden in plain sight
You’d rather be in it than not, right?
Where are we going?
Within reason
Rain is time to be whimsical
Barreling into a void
I think it’s dangerous
I lost my baggage on the way to my new life
Everything folds up
…Wake her up
It’s that kind of tired where you’re not sure you’ll ever not be tired again
He’d never tell us he was lost too
Something had been ripped from my body and I could taste it in my mouth
I want my song to be in my head
I would have cried but I didn’t have time
And I heard in color
She is the devil but mostly to herself
We are neither of those things only
She will wear her mother’s skin like a blanket

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