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Monday, January 29, 2007

Wandering Plays

I had an inspired thought yesterday that these plays could have a running theme of movement or roaming. Just a thought, since people are either coming or going in all of them so far.

Here's a little fun one, inspired by workday boredom.

date marry screw

2 speakers are everywhere, always. Perhaps this play goes on in the background throughout the others.

1: Martha Stewart, Oprah Winfrey, Kathie Lee Gifford.
2: --
Marry Oprah (ACK!)
Fuck Martha (*hewerep*)
Date Kathie Lee
1: Totally!
2: Tom Hanks, Tom Cruise, Tom Jones
1: Marry Hanks.
Fuck Jones.
Date Cruise.
2: I’d marry Hanks, fuck Cruise, date Jones. Fucking Jones would be so…sleazy…
1: OK. Jackson 5 MJ, Thriller MJ, MJ today
2: Date Jackson 5—he was just a baby.
Marry Thriller.
Wait. I have to pick between fucking a baby and fucking an alien?!??!!
1: HAHAHAHA. I totally stumped you.
Wait, you can justify fucking Martha Stewart but not Michael Jackson?
2: At least I know what’s down there.
OK. Vinyl, tape, CD.
1: Marry Vinyl…cuz nothing’s sexier than vinyl.
Date tape.
Fuck CD; although it might have a problem with premature ejaculation. Hopefully, we could work around that.
2: OK. OK. The cast of Growing Pains, the cast of Cosby Show, the cast of Full House…

(And on and on and on.)

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