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Friday, May 3, 2013

Overheard at Work, vol. LXXIII

Well. We all survived the week after the event.

It was actually remarkably quiet and relaxed. I spent most of it reconnecting with my office mates and spending time with the teenagers, as they prepared their applications for summer employment.

That's right.

I said SUMMER.


12-year-old boy: OW! My kidneys! (as he falls on the stairs)
Me: Your kidneys are in your back.
8-year-old boy: I got kidneys in my back. (flops onto the floor)

Me, to a 7-year-old girl, who was throwing her body around the office: What's wrong with you?
Girl: I like to dance!

8-year-old boy: (after an epically long story about bugs) I had to stay calm so the bee wouldn't smell me.

8-year-old boy: (quietly and to himself) I'm a buttface.

16-year-old boy: Who's Franklin Duh-LEE-no?
Me: Franklin Delano? He was President of the United States?
Boy: Oh! I thought it was some Spanish dude!

Me, as we were discussing (jokingly) whether a 16-year-old boy (who was present) was autistic: He has everything else neurologically wrong with him.
Boy: And everything else neurologically RIGHT!

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