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Friday, April 26, 2013

Overheard at Work, vol. LXXII

Tomorrow is our annual fundraising event, which we hold on-site, featuring all our programs, a cocktail hour, video program honoring two students, live ask, auction, and dancing.

The week of the event is always difficult, since we're all scrambling and working extra hours at the same time that we're still serving all the kids in the building all week. The day before the event, though, is a straight work day, no kids.

Today was a 13-hour day, in which I cleaned chalkboards, staged an art room, hung a gallery of artwork, set chairs, cleaned, and set up a store of stuff designed by our kids.

It's like tech week in a day.

But it's all worth it FOR THE KIDS!

Me, to 14-year-old boy: You're sweaty!
Boy: No, I'm not. I'm human.

Colleague, announcing the start of structured programming: PICK IT AND STICK IT! LIKE YOUR BOOGERS!

12-year-old girl, while playing Life: Can I buy a baby?

10-year-old girl: It's hot, and I'm sweating in...places.

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