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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Overheard at Work, vol. LXXI

I just got home, after a day that started with a 1 PM Yoga class, a 2-10 shift at work, and a couple drinks with coworkers.

Tonight, we held a Staff/Teen event to introduce some of the newest teens (our largest group and the fastest-growing) to the club. It started with an Amazing Race-type game and ended with activities including a big dance in the Dance Studio (pizza and snacks abounded).

It was SUPER FUN and allowed another moment for me to go...THIS is my job?

And, besides that, I am superstoked for a three-day weekend!

9-year-old boy, while listening to headphones that were playing nothing: I hear wire.

Same 9-year-old boy, referring to a teen's desire to go to a social engagement: He wants to go to a party and eat soup!

One of my 8-year-old buddies pointed out that he was wearing new shoes this week: black Chuck Taylors I was very excited because I have a similar pair of shoes, so we decided we'd wear our shoes together the following day. It was very exciting. The next day, however, he wore the Chuck Taylors again, while I wore All Stars from Converse that didn't look the same.
Me, to him: These are Converse too. Yours are just Chuck Taylors.
Him: What are those? Chicken nuggets?

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