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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Overheard at Work, vol. XLVIII

Spring season is winding down swiftly!

Work has been much quieter since the fundraiser came and went. But, somehow, the quotes aren't coming fast and furious, so I collected a few over a couple weeks this time.

While discussing Lady Gaga's performance artistry:
Me: And she can really sing. Did you know she's only 23?
Colleague: She seems to have her stuff together. I mean, look at...Jewish overdose girl.
Me: ...Amy Winehouse?

Discussing dinner at Boloco (a wrap/burrito place):
Me: I bet you got the Mexicana, or whatever it's called.
Colleague: Is that a comment at my taste in women?

Me: That sounds like a euphemism.
Colleague: Did you bring your THEE-ORUS today?
Colleague: That's how I pronounce it!

9 year old: You smell funny.
Me: Do I smell bad?
Him: You smell like...the world.

13 year old, as I came down the stairs: You look like a goddess!

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