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Friday, June 15, 2012

Overheard at Work, vol. L

This week was our last week of after-school programming for the 2011-2012 school year.

It's been an emotional couple of weeks, and I think everyone was feeling it.

Yesterday, a group of seven girls I've been working with since January presented a play that we conceived, wrote, and rehearsed about bullying. We had two shows and performed around our End of Year Banquet, which includes dinner and awards for every kid. Aside from slight mishaps and usual chaos, it was a great night!

But I'm glad it's over and that I get a little break from making plays for the summer!

(Also, how is 2012 almost half over?)

Teen: Annie, what's your last name? Rosenberg?
Me: Why? Do I look like a super Jew to you?

Teen: What if I punched you in the solo plex?

Me, mishearing my colleague: All I heard of what you just said was "sneeze" and "tackle."
Colleague: That would be a good name for an allergy and fishing store.

Colleague, to a kid: I hope you were just eating yogurt. Otherwise, you might have rabies.

Kid, as we set up a large set of blue doors to act as backdrop for our small play: Are you turning the Ed Center into Sea World?

Kid, begging every staff member he could find to hand over one of the noisemakers we used at the awards night: CAN I PLEASE HAVE IT?
Me: No! You don't need a noisemaker.
Kid: Why? Because I am one?

Kid, as she read the congratulations card we gave her in celebration of the play: "You are so gifted. Thank you for your endless hard work and positive attitude...you are going to be a sofa." WHAT?...OH! You are going to go so far!

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