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Friday, June 8, 2012

Overheard at Work, vol. XLIX

This was one of those weeks where you wake up early on Thursday morning and are pretty sure it's Saturday. Then you have to run to the school you've been working in for 8 months to put on a short play in a conference room instead of an auditorium.


"Personal time on the toilet is when you get me."--10-year-old, pontificating mostly about where she gains the greatest personal understanding of herself.

After a bout of incessant teasing, my coworker, to me: Maybe you'd like some of this buffalo cheese on your eyelids.

8 year old boy, during homework hour: Can I go to the bathroom badly?

7 year old girl: Annie, can I come do my homework up here?
Me: Why can't you work at the back table?
Girl: I'm kind of lonely.

8 year old boy, while playing a computer game: I got lost in my own place.

How poetic.

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