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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Overheard at Work, vol. XLVI

It's been the most insane two weeks of the year at work, starting with me getting a horrible sore throat last Wednesday, surviving a big observation, working 12 1/2 hour days two days in a row, despite my flu-like symptoms, helping our organization raise $300,000 in one night, and then organizing a field trip to an exhibit opening at the MFA just yesterday.

I'm FINALLY getting better and catching up on sleep and returning to all regularly scheduled programming.


Lateral lisp kid: I'm the god Zeus. I will break the computer!

Me: Do you like your sister's new haircut?
12 year old: It smells better.

18 year old: I had an AP test today.
Me: What subject?
Teen: Computer science
Me: I don't think they had computer science AP tests when I was in high school.
Teen's BF: Did they even have computers when you were in high school?

Colleague: I saw a chipmunk outside and I almost took the day off.

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